Thursday, August 20, 2009

The vest

I decided to tackle the vest first to give me more time to research certain things for the skirt.

I am using this pattern from Butterick, obviously :) but will be altering it to make it look more like the above vest. I'll be using mainly veiws A and B which are the red and tweed ones pictured.

I'll be making a mock up first before cutting into my velvet of course. The velvet and lining was purchased online at Fashion Fabrics Club. The velvet is a dark gray/blue and is quite lovely. Though it's always so hard to capture velvet on camera is it not? I chose purple lining cause it was 1. way cheaper than black and 2. so much more fun!

And then there are the buttons. It's a bit difficult to really see exactly what buttons they used on the vest so I kind of just went with a general look. And if they ever come out with better pics and I can track down the correct ones someday, it's a simple and cheap fix. In any case, these are the ones I found at Joann's.

So, now that I have all my supplies I'm planning on cutting out and studying the pattern tonight to work out how and where I need to change things to suit and hopefully even get my muslin cut out. We'll see how much I can get done with Gabriel's "help". He took a nap this afternoon and I selfishly allowed it to last as long as he wished which in turn means he'll be up later than usual with me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

boots part 2

Well thanks to my dear friend Jessica I think I found what I was looking for!

These are from Target and the price is even better than the other ones I was looking at, not to mention they look more like what I was wanting anyway. The only caveat would be that they're shorter, ankle boots, so the skirt might not cover to the boot. But as I was telling her, I'm thinking of getting black and white striped tights for this costume so it'd be kind of cute to have them showing just a bit if they did show.
Anyway I'm super excited! Now just to get myself to Target and see if they have em in my size. If not I'll just order them but it'd be nice to be sure of getting the right size.

Update: My Target didn't have them, as I suspected, so I ordered them online today! :D

Friday, August 14, 2009


So, Alice's boots...

couldn't find anything about them on the great web really other than random comments here and there of people saying how much they liked them or wanted to know where to find them. but apparently they had as good of luck as I did in doing so. Though I'm willing to bet I wouldn't be able to logically afford them anyhow. :)

They have the Victorian silhouette, short shapely heel etc. but rather than showing the laces they have some form of spats I believe. Now, there is a plethora of similarly styled and colored boots out there that lace up but finding spats that look like what she has is non existent as far as my limited searching abilities could tell.

And so we come to my choices...
option #1

These are boots I have owned for a few years. I love them with jeans, which works as I have never been keen on the silly little pockets on the sides. However with this skirt they would show obviously so I'd have to come up with my own version of spats that would cover that and the lacing and to be honest I'm not sure I really care to put that much work into it.

However, as you can see, they are similar enough in shape that if I was up to the challenge it would save me some $.

Option #2 & 3

Both these pairs are black, obviously, and neither one has the right heel shape, and they button up the side rather than have the front placket thing, but! I like them enough that I'd wear them often elsewhere so they would be worth the purchase in my mind.
They can be found here, (scroll down) and while you're looking I'm sure you'll see the adorable whimsy boots that are so Violet Baudelaire! I'm half tempted to scratch mimicry in this instance and just get those instead because they're just too fantastic! I dont' know if I could really make up my mind between black or purple

I also like that this pair has the ruffles which would tie in with my addition of ruffles on the shirt.

And lastly, option #4

These can be found here. And as you can see, again the heel isn't right, but I think these are really quite similar otherwise. So it's likely I'll be getting them.
However as I'm a terrible decision maker I'd love your input! So please leave a comment and let me know what you would chose.
Thanks! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been in love with Alice in Wonderland since childhood, really, ask anyone who has known me that long. I went as Alice more than once for halloween (one of those being last year). I have multiple copies of the books. paper dolls, figurines, and even a charm for my charm bracelet! You get the idea.
I've been a costume addict for about as long as I have been an Alice fan but haven't done as much sewing or making of costumes yet. (blame in on the fact that I'm a dedicated wife and mother :D ) So it only made sense that with the new Tim Burton film coming up in March that I should make a costume. And set up a blog to keep track of my thoughts, progress etc...
So here we are!

There are multiple Alice costumes in this film, see here if you're interested, But this one caught my eye early on. Could be the amazing ric rac skirt, the velvet vest, the fingerless gloves...or just the fact that it's so wearable. Whatever the reason I've decided it's my fav and I'm going to recreate it.

I've been researching for weeks now and my first purchase towards the final product came in the mail yesterday... the blouse!

I ordered this one from Forever 21. And while it is by no means identical it fit enough of the details I was looking for while adding some I love enough not to change. i.e. it's sheer, and has the little pin tucks, the difference you ask? Ruffles! I love ruffles! So, they'll be my own little addition to the overall look. However some of them will be hiding beneath the vest and the tie so really all you'll see is the ones on the wrist and collar. I'm also going to see if I can take in just a bit of the fullness of the sleeves. Make it a little more fitted through the arm like the original. We'll have to see if it's really plausible.
Well there you have it, stay tuned, so much more to come...