Friday, August 14, 2009


So, Alice's boots...

couldn't find anything about them on the great web really other than random comments here and there of people saying how much they liked them or wanted to know where to find them. but apparently they had as good of luck as I did in doing so. Though I'm willing to bet I wouldn't be able to logically afford them anyhow. :)

They have the Victorian silhouette, short shapely heel etc. but rather than showing the laces they have some form of spats I believe. Now, there is a plethora of similarly styled and colored boots out there that lace up but finding spats that look like what she has is non existent as far as my limited searching abilities could tell.

And so we come to my choices...
option #1

These are boots I have owned for a few years. I love them with jeans, which works as I have never been keen on the silly little pockets on the sides. However with this skirt they would show obviously so I'd have to come up with my own version of spats that would cover that and the lacing and to be honest I'm not sure I really care to put that much work into it.

However, as you can see, they are similar enough in shape that if I was up to the challenge it would save me some $.

Option #2 & 3

Both these pairs are black, obviously, and neither one has the right heel shape, and they button up the side rather than have the front placket thing, but! I like them enough that I'd wear them often elsewhere so they would be worth the purchase in my mind.
They can be found here, (scroll down) and while you're looking I'm sure you'll see the adorable whimsy boots that are so Violet Baudelaire! I'm half tempted to scratch mimicry in this instance and just get those instead because they're just too fantastic! I dont' know if I could really make up my mind between black or purple

I also like that this pair has the ruffles which would tie in with my addition of ruffles on the shirt.

And lastly, option #4

These can be found here. And as you can see, again the heel isn't right, but I think these are really quite similar otherwise. So it's likely I'll be getting them.
However as I'm a terrible decision maker I'd love your input! So please leave a comment and let me know what you would chose.
Thanks! :)

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Jessica said...

hmmmm.... opinion huh? Well I think you justify each one very well. Personally I like the shape of the ones your currently own (#1) but the pocket on the side is a problem, can you take it off? And I love the ruffles of #3. Did you see these or these from Target? I'm sure you did but I thought they might be cute too and have some of the fun buttons and a slightly lower heel.
have fun!