Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been in love with Alice in Wonderland since childhood, really, ask anyone who has known me that long. I went as Alice more than once for halloween (one of those being last year). I have multiple copies of the books. paper dolls, figurines, and even a charm for my charm bracelet! You get the idea.
I've been a costume addict for about as long as I have been an Alice fan but haven't done as much sewing or making of costumes yet. (blame in on the fact that I'm a dedicated wife and mother :D ) So it only made sense that with the new Tim Burton film coming up in March that I should make a costume. And set up a blog to keep track of my thoughts, progress etc...
So here we are!

There are multiple Alice costumes in this film, see here if you're interested, But this one caught my eye early on. Could be the amazing ric rac skirt, the velvet vest, the fingerless gloves...or just the fact that it's so wearable. Whatever the reason I've decided it's my fav and I'm going to recreate it.

I've been researching for weeks now and my first purchase towards the final product came in the mail yesterday... the blouse!

I ordered this one from Forever 21. And while it is by no means identical it fit enough of the details I was looking for while adding some I love enough not to change. i.e. it's sheer, and has the little pin tucks, the difference you ask? Ruffles! I love ruffles! So, they'll be my own little addition to the overall look. However some of them will be hiding beneath the vest and the tie so really all you'll see is the ones on the wrist and collar. I'm also going to see if I can take in just a bit of the fullness of the sleeves. Make it a little more fitted through the arm like the original. We'll have to see if it's really plausible.
Well there you have it, stay tuned, so much more to come...


Jessica said...

Eeeeeee!! I'm so excited you started a costuming blog! I can't wait to see how this outfit turns out!! Have fun :D

Anna Kristine said...

How exciting! You've got the blouse! So clever to buy it! I probably would've tried to make it...and the one you found is so much cuter. :) I love the details!
I think this is my favorite outfit of Alice's so far too. :) Can't wait to watch your progress!

Carly said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog as I was doing research of my own on how to recreate this costume, I'm in love with it as well! Especially the skirt! I think I've found the exact ric-rac that they used (or as close as I'll ever get to it) in wholesale ammounts. Here's a link to the bigger stuff: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/group.asp?GroupID=17&CategoryID=47
I think the Dusty Blue color looks right (from bigger pictures on other non-wholesale sites).

I'm excited to follow your progress as I work on my own! I'll be posting about it soon on my costuming blog: bellamissella.livejournal.com

Thanks and good luck!

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